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How to order custom neodymium magnets?

Jun 19, 2020
Custom Neodymium Iron Boron Magnets
The Most Powerful Class of Permanent Magnet Materials Available Today
Neodymium Iron Boron (NdFeB) magnets are part of the rare earth magnet family, and are extremely powerful and versatile. Components that were once large and heavy by necessity, can now be miniaturized by using these permanent magnet materials. This often results in a substantial cost savings for the completed magnet assembly. High in strength and less brittle, but more temperature sensitive than the SmCo types of rare earth magnets, neodymium magnets are often the more cost effective choice.
Material: Sintered NdFeb
Grades:N33, N35, N38, N40, N42, N45, N48,N50, N52 ,M,H, Sh,UH, EH, AH.etc...
Size: Customized 
Shapes:Disc, Cylinder, Block, Ring, Countersunk, Segment, Trapezoid, Irregular shapes and more. Customized shapes for Sintered Ndfeb Motor Magnet areavailable.
Coatings: Ni-Cu-Ni, Nickel, Zn, Gold, Silver, Copper, Epoxy, Chemical, PTFE, Parylene, Everlube, Passivation and more.
Product Features: 1) Smaller tolarance ensure the precision, 2) High agravity survival ability, 3) Higher ability of anticorrosion.
Application: Audio equipment: headphones, microphone, speaker.
Instruments: electric meter, speed meter, flowmeter, tachometer.
Medical equipment: MRI, magnetic water devices and magnetic water treatment device, magnetic device.
Motor: voice coil motor(VCM), step motor, textile synchronous motor, geared motor, disc motors, servo motors, permanent magnet moving coil device.
Industrial electric drive and control: magnetic clamp, magnetic crane, magnetic filter, CD_ROM, oil degreasing equipment, magnetic coupling, magnetic switch.
Price Advantage:  The price is 10% cheaper than industry average because our factory produce raw material by ourselves.
Delivery Advantage :  Within 7days for general specification.
Packing: Standard sea or air packing,such as carton,iron,wooden box,etc.
    Sizes & Shapes: Neodymium iron boron rare earth magnets range in size from micro-dimensions (0.010") to assemblies weighing several tons. Standard shapes include discs, blocks, rings, and arc segments in different grades. Non-standard shapes can be custom fabricated to specifications from raw stock.
    Manufacturing: Due to the relatively brittle nature and high magnetic strength of NdFeB magnets, cutting and grinding should be done prior to magnetization. Integrated Magnetics can custom manufacture neodymium custom magnets in virtually any shape and size to meet your requirements, using our in-house grinding and EDM facilities. Finishing to tolerances of +0.0001" can be achieved, as required.
    Surface Treatments:NdFeB magnets are susceptible to oxidation, so painting, epoxy coating, or plating is highly recommended to prevent corrosion.  Integrated Magnetics can coat your custom magnets with a wide variety of materials, including nickel plating, IVD, or epoxy coatings.
    Temperature Considerations: Neodymium magnets are temperature sensitive. For applications in which the magnet may be exposed to temperatures in excess of about 250°F (120°C), careful consideration must be given to the choice of magnet grade and the magnetic circuit.
    Magnetizing & Handling: Sintered neodymium rare earth magnets are anisotropic and have a strongly preferred magnetic orientation, while isotropic bonded NdFeB materials, though weaker, can be magnetized in any direction, or with multiple poles. Special magnetizing fixtures are required in order to achieve multiple pole magnetization. Magnetizing fields in excess of 35 kilo Oersteds are required to magnetize these materials. NdFeB materials are mechanically weak, but are magnetically very strong. They must therefore be handled carefully to avoid injury to personnel and damage to the magnets.
    Common Applications: Neodymium rare earth magnets are frequently used in holding systems requiring very high holding forces, high field yoke magnets, magnetic bearings, magnetic couplings, loudspeakers, Halbach arrays, headphones, microphones, magnetic separation, instrumentation, switches, relays, magnetic resonance, sputtering, vacuum deposition, charged particle beam guidance, particle accelerators, undulators, wigglers, high performance stepper, DC, servo, linear, voice coil motors, and more.
    Magnet Materials: For more detailed material information and data sheets, view our neodymium magnet materials page.
If you need to use neodymium iron boron strong magnet and other rare earth permanent magnet products and want to know more about them, please feel free to come to our company for consultation via