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Sphere Magnet

    Neodymium Sphere Magnets are ball shaped magnets widely used in consumer electronics, magic, hobby, consumer products, and R&D. These neodymium sphere magnets can be made less than 1mm in diameter, or up to 2".  Our wide selection of sphere magnets in different colors and sizes give our customers many options for their applications.
    We offer rare earth magnets in off-the-shelf standard sizes, shapes and grades, or in build-to-print custom magnet configurations.
    We design and build custom rare earth magnets and magnetic assemblies, manufactured to meet your specialty requirements.
    Neodymium Sphere Magnets are axially magnetized, meaning the direction of the magnetic field comes from the north and south poles of the sphere. They possess incredible strength for their size. The external surface is coated in nickel, perfect for protecting the magnet against corrosion and scratching and gives it a smart exterior appearance.