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Adhesive Magnets

   Neodymium Adhesive Magnets, Magnets with Adhesive Backing or Adhesive on Side
   These powerful rare earth magnets combine great magnetic strength with an easy-to-use peel-off adhesive strip on the back to fix the magnet to a variety of compatible surfaces, such as wood, sheet rock, aluminum, steel or plastic. These self-stick magnets come in different sizes and are ideal for displaying banners and signage at your warehouse, office, school or home. 
   Neodymium magnets with adhesive backing are ideal for a wide range of applications, including door and cabinet latches, packaging, box closures, folder clasps, purses, jewelry, and more.
All adhesive-backed Neodymium magnets feature Double Coated Tape to provide high bonding strength to most surfaces, including many low surface energy plastics such as polypropylene and powder coated paints. The acrylic adhesive also provides excellent adhesion to surfaces contaminated lightly with oil typically used with machine parts.