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Arc Segment Magnets

   Neodymium arc magnets are strong curved rare earth magnets. With unique shape – segment, a set of diametrically arc magnets can be used to form a ring. Arc magnets make up for the shortcomings of ring magnets.
   Strong Neodymium Arc magnets are used in building motors, generators or magnetic bearing. Since neodymium magnets N35,N36,N42,N45, 50 & N52 are much stronger than other magnets, using strong neodymium magnets can build much more powerful motors, generators ever. AISEN Magnets For Sale carry a large variety of arc magnets. 
We are professional Neodymium Magnet manufacturer and supplier in China. We can produce Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB magnet) according to your requirements. More types of Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB magnet), Sintered Neodymium Magnet (NdFeB magnet), please contact us right now.