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Permanent Neodymium magnet, chemically known as NdFeB, is known as the most significant magnet material with high performance and are widely applied in many industrial fields. To manufacture the highest quality magnet products, we need to assure the accuracy of: magnetic property, physical dimensions and surface plating.

It is critical to quality control the magnetic properties of the raw material at the beginning of their production process. For each magnet grades, there’s a specific value range for each parameter, i.e. working temperature, intrisic coercive force, maximum energy product, etc. Especially for custom magnets, they are requested based on customers’ demands to withstand a specific designed environment. Each batch of magnet material are tested for their magnetic properties and disqualified ones would be rejected before advancing further in the process. For all of our custom magnets, samarium cobalt, ceramic and neodymium magnets, we provide their B-H curves which contains all the property values. Surface Gauss and other tests are also carried out to detect their magnetic flow.

Besides the disc, rectangle and ring-shaped magnets as listed in our in-stock magnets, we make irregular shaped permanent magnets, mostly samarium cobalt and neodymium magnets. Ranging from fan-shaped to rings with squared middle hole to trapezoid, our detailed orientated production team ensure that the measurements are within the tolerance range. We apply different tools and advance technology to cut and machine the magnets to the precise sizes. Furthermore, we always measure their dimensions with Vernier caliper before dispatching the final product and provide their readings in our test reports.

To protect the Neodymium magnets from corrosion, many options of surface coating are selected and applied by electroplating technologies as required by customers. The coating quality can be easily determined from their color, brightness, binding force, cleanliness and any exposed spots.