AISEN Magnets
Magnets Solution One-stop Service
1. How to control the magnetic property?
   - Hight stander raw material
2. How to control the tolerance?
- 1. before ginding and cuting, we inspection the black product tolerance.
- 2. before and after coating, we will inspection the tolerance by AQL standard
- 3. before delivery, will inspection the tolerance by AQL standard
3. How to guarantee the consistancy?
  • 1. the sintering control will make sure the perfect consistancy.
    - 2. we cut magnet by multi-wire sawing machine to guarantee the dimension consistancy.
4. How to control coating ?
- 1. we have a coatIng factory
- 2. after coating, first inspection by visual, and second is salt spray test, nickel 48-72 hours, zinc 24-48 hours
5. How to control the packing?
- 1. standard packing, 
- 2. the cartons must can be bear a man's weight.
- 3. the cartons must be well after fall down test from 1m high position. and the inner packing must not change position