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Magnetic Filter Bar

Magnetic filter bar(also called tube magnets or magnetic rod) is a kind of magnetic assembly that composed of stainless steel tube and magnets. Both of ferrite magnets and neodymium magnets can be used in magnetic filter bar. The magnetic strength range is 1500-12000gauss. For the magnetic filter bar that equipped with ferrite magnets can provide a maximum strength of 3000 gauss on the surface, and the magnetic filter bar which equipped neodymium magnets can provide maximum strength of 12000 gauss. Magnetic filter bar is the smallest separator unit, each bar is well polished and waterproof, more complicate separator equipment can be designed with individual magnetic filter bar. We have two types of magnetic filter bar provided-round type magnetic filter bar and square type magnetic filter bar.

Magnetic Filter Bar Properties:

Standard Sizes for Round Type Magnetic Filter Bar or Tube Magnets

Item No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm) Item No. Diameter(mm) Length(mm)
MFB-R100 25 100 MFB-R600 25 600
MFB-R150 25 150 MFB-R650 25 650
MFB-R200 25 200 MFB-R700 25 700
MFB-R250 25 250 MFB-R750 25 750
MFB-R300 25 300 MFB-R800 25 800
MFB-R350 25 350 MFB-R850 25 850
MFB-R400 25 400 MFB-R900 25 900
MFB-R450 25 450 MFB-R950 25 950
MFB-R500 25 500 MFB-R1000 25 1000
MFB-R550 25 550 MFB-R1500 25 1500

Standard Sizes for Square Type Magnetic Filter Bar or Tube Magnets

Item No. W x H(mm) L(mm) Item No. W x H(mm) L(mm)
MFB-S25100 25x25 100 MFB-S50100 50x50 100
MFB-S25200 25x25 200 MFB-S50200 50x50 200
MFB-S25300 25x25 300 MFB-S50300 50x50 300
MFB-S25400 25x25 400 MFB-S50400 50x50 400
MFB-S25500 25x25 500 MFB-S50500 50x50 500
MFB-S25600 25x25 600 MFB-S50600 50x50 600
MFB-S25700 25x25 700 MFB-S50700 50x50 700
MFB-S25800 25x25 800 MFB-S50800 50x50 800
MFB-S25900 25x25 900 MFB-S50900 50x50 900
MFB-S251000 25x25 1000 MFB-S501000 50x50 1000
MFB-S251500 25x25 1500 MFB-S501500 50X50 1500

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