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Lifting Magnet

Lifting MagnetLifting magnet-Magnet Lifter is made of super strong permanent magnet- Neodymium magnet. It is widely used for lifting and transporting short and thick plates at factory, dock, warehouse and transportation department. The air gas adjusting rod is equipped in particular which can adjust the magnetic force conveniently. Its working face still remain magnetism, during unloading process.

Lifting MagnetFeatures And Benefits:
• Quality Neodymium (NdFeB) Permanent Magnets Built To Lift From 110 Lbs. To 22,000 Lbs.
• Most Powerful Rare-Earth Magnets Available With Up To MGOe 50 Rated Materials
• Levers Have Locking Feature Safely Turning Internal Magnets To On And Off Positions
• Excellent Value Having The Strength Of An Electromagnet And Requiring No Electricity
• Large Selection: Choose From 100's Of Fine Quality And Competitively Priced Lift Magnets
• All Manufacturers Meet ISO 9001: 2000 And European Union Product Standards (CE).
• 3:1 or 3.5:1 Safety Factor: Magnets' Stated Holding Values Are No More Than 33% Of Actual Value
• All Magnets Feature On/Off Rare Earth Design And Lift Flat And Round Ferrous Material
• Lever Actuates Internal Manual Release And Does Not Contact The Load
• Water-Proof And Dust-Proof Magnets Are Able To Work In Many Environments
• Heat Resistant Up To 197.6 Degrees F.
• One Person Operation Lowers Labor Costs
• Increase Productivity While Reducing Employee Fatigue and Lifting Related Injuries
• Lower Risk Of Material And Equipment Damage When Moving Heavy Metals
Locking On And Off Safety Feature:
All Lift Magnets feature a positive lock ON and OFF. This locking feature is built into the handle on some models, or a release switch feature separate from the handle on other models. This allows the operator to lock the magnet ON and to lock the magnet OFF preventing the handle from being partially ON which could result in a dropped load.
The locking feature functions by first pulling on the handle to release the Lock Pin, then rotate the handle to the ON position. Turning the magnet OFF to release the load requires the same procedure but in the reverse direction, or on some models by simply activating the Release Switch separate from the lever. Other models offer a unlock feature activated by pushing down with your thumb on the TOP of the lever.

Lifting Magnet Properties:

Model Rated Lifting Strength Cylindrical Lifting Strength Max. Pull-Off Strength L B H R Dead Weight Operation Temperature
ML100 100 Kg 50 Kg 350 Kg 86 66 67 150 3 Kg ≦80℃
ML300 300 Kg 150 Kg 1050 Kg 180 80 80 168 9 Kg ≦80℃
ML600 600 Kg 300 Kg 2100 Kg 250 107 103 198 20 Kg ≦80℃
ML1000 1000 Kg 500 Kg 3500 Kg 330 129 130 262 39 Kg ≦80℃
ML2000 2000 Kg 1000 Kg 7000 Kg 415 170 170 370 78 Kg ≦80℃
ML3000 3000 Kg 1500 Kg 10500 Kg 470 234 190 480 160 Kg ≦80℃

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